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Yup. Another black dress in my closet. Hehe. It’s actually an A-line dress which I just belted. Oh! And it was such a great coincidence that the belt (which I bought a year ago) matched the shoes I bought at KK. 🙂 Wee!

*hmm. what bag to use?*

*love how the shoes, belt and earrings blended very well*

Dress: Black A-Line Dress, The Flower Collection

Belt: Gold Satin Belt, The Flower Collection

Earrings: Gold Oval Hoop Earrings, H&M, gift

Shoes: Gold Satin Peeptoes, VNC

Before I post the Stella Luna shoezies, (haven’t had the time to take a photo of it yet, oops), I remember telling you about a dress I bought last, last Saturday – Black & White Surprise post.

I wore this at a friend’s Graduation Party. Another dainty dress! It’s cute and yet “formal”?

*hihi. felt like i was prancing around the fields ala The Sound of Music*

Dress: Brown, pleated A-line dress, Kashieca

Belt: Brown, Landmark

Bracelet: Silver & Gold Bangles, H&M, gift

Shoes: Yellow & Brown, VNC

Last Saturday, I found myself wearing the same piece of clothing in different colors and different events. When I like a particular piece, I buy them in 2-3 colors. Hehe.

Anyway, I wore the white ensemble during the day as I set about my mall duties. 🙂 (ooh! and I was actually able to buy a cute little dress. But more on that on the next post).

When I got home, Rica called me up asking if we can have a girls night out clubbing. Being in a rush, I slipped into the black version of the dress.

So, we were meeting up at Kia’s pad, when I arrived there, I was stunned and confused as Matts revealed a cake and everybody sang me a happy birthday. Aww.  🙂 The party was a casino themed one because I REALLY like to go to a casino! Hehe. Poker. Chips and liquor slushies.

Snagged this photo from Kia:

Thanks so much guys!!! ❤

Dresses: Off-shoulder 80’s inspired, The Flower Collection

Necklaces: Purple Wood necklace, Flea market | Chains- Silver, heirloom, Gold, from some dress

Bangles: Silver and Gold, H&M | Silver with purple and pink, gift

Bag: Old black bag, can’t remember

Shoes: White glads, VNC | Gold glads, Mendrez

Yes, sometimes, we can be corporate-y too. Last week, I had a meeting with this company so I decided to bring out the ultimate power dress that I had. Haha.

Actually, felt like a New Yorker. haha. Although, I haven’t really been there. Hehe. Ooh! And I got to wear my rich shoes! Hahaha!

Dress: Black work dress, The Flower Collection

Earrings: Gold, Bazaar

Bracelet: Silver and Gold Bangles, H&M

Watch: gift, Tag Heuer

Shoes: Beige Peeptoes, VNC

This is one of my favorite combinations- Black and White. It’s simple and elegant. When I saw this dress, I fell in love. I was actually reluctant to buy it because of the price but hey, it proved to be worth it.

I kinda feel pretty and young when i wear it. It’s cute, like girly-cute, if you know what I mean. Hehe.

Dress: Sleeveless dress, What’s up Suzy- Tiendesitas

Bangles: Silver and Gold, gift-H&M

Ring: Black, chunky gem, Flea Market

July 2020

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