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Lately, I find myself going back to specific eras for fashion themes. When I open my closet, pieces like this dress would stand out because it looks like it came from a specific era.

Or I would find plain, modern dresses and be able to twist it into something more retro. This is me being costume-y again. Haha. I really think I wear clothes like a costume. Haha.

Hmmm.. I really think I’m into headbands lately. But I haven’t made the debut of wearing a headband here at the office. Haha. Maybe, if I have more time in the morning.

Hmm… I wish I can find something for a 1920’s look! Haha.

Glamorous, Glamorous, Glamorous.

I really like the glammed-up fashion statements of all the eras that have come and gone.

Dress: Black and Beige Polka-dot, The Flower Collection

Belt: Black Patent, Flea Market

Sunglasses: Aviators, owned by my father during the 70’s

Earrings: Gold Oval Hoops, H&M

Headband: Black Cloth, Details


It has been said, “that when you don’t know what to wear, wear black. Because you’ll never go wrong with black.”

Oh yes! Black. It has always been a classic staple and a must-have inside your closet. But today, we can twist this classic black by adding a dash of loud color.

I love adding accessories to black tops or dresses, like the red belt or shoes or bag. 🙂 definitely changes the black ensemble, don’t ya think?

Dress: Short sleeved, empire dress, The Flower Collection

Jacket: Trench, eyelet, Details (no link, can’t find their website or they don’t have one? does anybody know?)

Belt: Red Patent Belt, Vice-Versa (no link, can’t find their website or they don’t have one? does anybody know?)

Earrings: Drop Earrings, Bazaar

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