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Yep! I’m back! I’ve been trying to rest the past few days and the sick version of me isn’t at all fabulous (hehe), so, I decided: No photos. Hahahaha. Oh, the vanity!

Anyway!!!! I finally wore my Juan booties! I wore this to Chikka’s Movie Fund Raising Blocked Showing of  Transformers. Great great movie by the way!

* While everything around me is a blur, I try to keep myself clear *

* Everything is moving too fast. The world is spinning out of control. *

* And I try to stand still as I hold my place–not wanting to fade away. *

Been having one hell of a week! Gahd. The effort.

Dress: White empire dress, The Flower Collection

Belt: Dark Brown Satin, The Flower Collection

Stockings: gift

Bag: Quilted Brown Bag, Ateneo Bazaar

Shoes: Ankle Booties, Juan by Janilyn

First of all, sorry for the absence. I have been bed-ridden during the first half of this week. Ugh. disease. Been struck by the common colds and cough.

Anyway, before being struck by the cold, I met Juan. This is Juan:

Adorable! Got it on sale at Janilyn. ❤

When I saw it, outfits flashed before my eyes! Hahahahahhahah! I can’t wait to wear ’em!!!!

Since I love the VNC Satin peeptoes, I was looking for another outfit to wear it with.

I have worn this top at numerous occassions but never thought that it would look totally different with a thin belt. 🙂 Only shows that we can always revamp a piece of clothing. Hehe.

Top: Printed Satin, The Flower Collection

Bottom: Skinny Jeans, Flea Market

Belt: Patent, Choc brown, Gozum

Shoes: Gold, Satin Peeptoes, VNC

IT is SOOOO HOT here at work. ayayay! Anywho, I was just actually finding another reason to wear my yellow belt and this pair of slacks that i adore.

There is something about mixing corporate-y pieces and casual pieces that I love.

Top: White Haltered blouse, The Flower Collection

Bottom: Brown pin-stripe slacks, Flea Market

Belt: Yellow, thin belt, Gozum

Glasses: Eyeglasses, Dunhill

Before I post the Stella Luna shoezies, (haven’t had the time to take a photo of it yet, oops), I remember telling you about a dress I bought last, last Saturday – Black & White Surprise post.

I wore this at a friend’s Graduation Party. Another dainty dress! It’s cute and yet “formal”?

*hihi. felt like i was prancing around the fields ala The Sound of Music*

Dress: Brown, pleated A-line dress, Kashieca

Belt: Brown, Landmark

Bracelet: Silver & Gold Bangles, H&M, gift

Shoes: Yellow & Brown, VNC

May 2020

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