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YOU!!! Baby!!!! Hahahaha!!! And so the consequences of the resignation have started. Sorry for being gone for more than a month! I have been adjusting to the new lifestyle and the lack of some things. Hehe.

And since I cannot shop until December comes… Let me frustrate you as well. I drool over the things I stumble upon the internet.

Websites are evil temptations! Haha!

Photos courtesy of Aldo and American Eagle


The big project is over! Before I write about the luscious buffet I had last Friday, I’d just like to congratulate AP 24.07 for the release of Manghuhula. Also, thank you thank you for all those who supported us! 🙂

Anyway, I was invited to binge out on one of the biggest buffets here in Manila– Spiral Buffet at Sofitel. What to wear on such a delightful occassion?

1. Black: So you’ll always look thin even if you are sooo full. Hahah

2. For all the ladies out there, an A-line top or an empire one, to hide that bulging tummy when you’ve eaten almost everything the buffet has to offer. Hahaha!

I really, really loved the food at Spiral, Sofitel. What’s more is that I binged with my 2 great friends! The drive was worth it! I have never eaten that much since forver! And the dessert bar was just to die for!

Anyway, enough with the foodie. Hehe. I discovered a store (that’s apparently been here awhile already) called Tango. It’s a local store here in Manila that has 3 branches in Metro Manila. Anyway, their stuff is really, really great and with reasonable prices. I debuted it at the Spiral Buffet. Hehe. They don’t have a website just yet, though.

Oh, and Annie, I really, really, really love this clutch that you gave me!!!! 😀

Wee!!!! I’m back from the hectic world called work. Haha!

Top: Black, low neck A-Line, Tango

Bottom: Skinny jeans, Flea Market

Bag: Black studded clutch, Aldogift

Sunglasses: MNG

Shoes: Black and gray strappies, VNC

Annie’s my all-time bestfriend! We practically shared every moment together since we were babies. She left for Abu Dhabi last year and she’s here for the next 3 weeks. I miss her sooo much!!! I can’t wait to go out, talk for hours and just catch up.

Wait for the gimmick pics. Hahahahaha!

She’s back and she brought a whole lotta presents! And one of those were one of my pasalubongs. Hehe.

As an answer to this post (The Fashion Must-Have), Annie bought me this:

She couldn’t find the ones that I posted but!!! I LOVE THIS ANYWAY!

Thanks Annie!!! Can’t wait to use it! We shall go out!!! This is turning out to be one hell of a great month!

XOXO! Love ya Annie!

THAT I DON’T HAVE! Waaah. The Black Clutch is as important as the Little Black Dress – a definite MUST-HAVE. Oh, but life can be cruel sometimes! hahahah! Hay… Frustrations. Hehe.

Okay, so it’s not as if I don’t have one. I do have one but it retired due to old age. So, my quest for the Black Clutch begins now. Hehe. The bag at the top-left side is my #1 choice. LOVE it. The others, well, just in case I cannot get my first choice.

Pretty, isn’t it? Hay… Wish I could get this soon. *fingers crossed*

Bags: Black Clutch from ALDO

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