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Yesterday, since it was my birthday, I planned a day that would be dedicated to pampering myself. A gift to myself for surviving one hell of a year and a starter for the year to come.

The day began when Benki came to my house bringing me pancakes and coffee and a bag of gifts (Bath & Body Works set, blue For Me Clutch). I then headed to Adora of Greenbelt 5 to use Sanj and Marc’s gift. There, I got myself Stella Luna shoes and a pair of earrings while listening to my new toy, iPod shuffle. After lunch I headed to David’s for a haircut and mani-pedi. Then I went to My Cool Mint Spa and used the last GC that Bea gave me during my birthday last year and got me a nice massage. I then headed to Lay Bare and got myself waxed.

Thank you for all those who greeted me and gave me gifts that I adore. I can’t wait to use all of them!

*couldn’t find the real “my cool mint spa” logo*


Oh, yes you are! I actually bought this from Avon because I found the packaging to be soo cute. Hehe. In all fairness, I use this as my base for the Face shop lip gloss and they just look smashing.

I just love it when my mom finds no use in the fabulous gifts that she receives! Because, I get to have them all! Haha!

For her birthday, she got a gift box from Face Shop containing a plush powder blush on and lip gloss. The cheek brush is just a bonus for me.

The blush on, I haven’t tried but, the lip gloss, I love! It smells sooo good! For a more pout-y effect, I use a darker lip gloss as a base and top it with Face shop’s jelly lip gloss. 🙂

face shop open

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