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I’ve been gone for awhile and a lot has happened since. I was enjoying living the life of a single girl, as what they say.

Parties here and there! I was practically enjoying my single life when bam! Yep, there she was — and the bigger and faster roller coaster ride of my life just passed by. I discovered a lot of things, my principles were shaken, my beliefs challenged. I found her. I found that person. And from the single parties, although, this was really, REALLY fun, I am now happy – married to the person that I want to share forever with. Everything changed, from my lifestyle, HER lifestyle, I even moved out of the house that I lived in for the past 7 years!

With all the dresses, the bags, the shoes (oh! the shoes! the lovely, lovely, love affair with the shoes! – I still love shoes, haha!), I can safely say, that I have found The Most Important or should I say, Valuable Accessory that I’ll ever own. My wedding ring.

You’re responsible for your wife or husband. Whatever happens to him/her, whether you were there or not, that’s your responsibility. Not being there when something bad happens is the same as being there when something good happens. Once you have that person, remember, that everything that happens to him/her is YOUR responsibility. YOU become responsible for his/her well-being once you choose to love him/her and vow your life to him/her. – My Lola (Grandmother)

Photo courtesy of Elyoo

I am not signing off. I’ll get back to clothes and shoes (ah! the shoes!) once we’re finished with our Home.

Funny thing, the dress I wore during this photo was the same dress I wore to our wedding and the same dress I wore when I confessed my feelings for her. haha. This dress is overused!

I just can’t wait to have the legal wedding! This isn’t giddy-ness, it’s happiness.


October 2010

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