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All I want for Christmas is…..

Posted on: November 19, 2009

YOU!!! Baby!!!! Hahahaha!!! And so the consequences of the resignation have started. Sorry for being gone for more than a month! I have been adjusting to the new lifestyle and the lack of some things. Hehe.

And since I cannot shop until December comes… Let me frustrate you as well. I drool over the things I stumble upon the internet.

Websites are evil temptations! Haha!

Photos courtesy of Aldo and American Eagle


6 Responses to "All I want for Christmas is….."

pressure, huhu. i’ll just go out of a cake

awww… nante… just the thought of considering getting these for me is enough! frustration ko lang yan kasi i can’t shop at all. 😦 when do i see you again? 🙂

love love aldo! kaso madalang ang size ko 😦

awww annie!!!! get them for me na lang. size 5 or 6. MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! Kidding! I miss you!!!!!

i miss you too! dumaan ako ng aldo kanina. wala talaga!!!!!

hahahah. dito…. meron…. uwi ka daw muna for Christmas sabi ng Aldo. hahahahhaa!

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