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Rescued 80’s Dress (sort of)

Posted on: July 3, 2009

First of all, I’d like to thank my sponsor, Kia, for giving me this wonderful dress. Hahahaha!

During one of our Rummage Sale, while I was helping Kia sort out her stuff, I could not believe she was throwing it out! So I rescued the dress and took it home with me. I immediately knew what to do with it.

It IS bigger but with just a little adjustments here and there, its size created such a poofy, poofy skirt silhoutte—which I really, really love!

It also feels and looks like one of those classic 80’s dresses which I think I saw my mom wear in one of our photos.

I love this dress!! Only goes to show that another person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. 😉

Pardon the abundant photos— I really enjoyed taking pics of this one. 🙂

*Learning from the Past*

*Accepting the Present*

*Anticipating the Future*

Dress: Trekker Polo Dress, courtesy of Kia

Belt: Maroon Belt, The Flower Collection

Shoes: Cream Shoes, VNC

Necklace: Beads with Capiz pendant, Robinsons Mall

Sunglasses: MNG


6 Responses to "Rescued 80’s Dress (sort of)"

love it! the 80’s has to be one of my favorite fashion eras.
if you’re into beauty as much as fashion check me out too:

Hey! Thank you! I love the 80’s too! will link you, yeah?

OMG OMG I love that dress… Me three! I love the 80’s era too….I am totally in love with that dress..

I know! Can you believe that my friend was actually gonna throw it out?? I should be present when my friends do their Spring cleaning. Lol

Omg are you serious? I want to be present there , too! lolll

hahahah! i always make sure that i am present when they do! Lol

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