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Who is Juan?

Posted on: June 19, 2009

First of all, sorry for the absence. I have been bed-ridden during the first half of this week. Ugh. disease. Been struck by the common colds and cough.

Anyway, before being struck by the cold, I met Juan. This is Juan:

Adorable! Got it on sale at Janilyn. ❤

When I saw it, outfits flashed before my eyes! Hahahahahhahah! I can’t wait to wear ’em!!!!


10 Responses to "Who is Juan?"

I saw these too! I was ready to buy one but they don’t have my size. BAH!

OMG! coincidence! hehe. where did you look? bought this at Galle… Baka meron pa?

Sa may trinoma, if I remember it right. O_O Tragicness talaga my gigantic feet. HAHA!

awww… pang expensive labels ka kasi elyoo! hahahahahahaha!!!!!

OMG they are sooo cute. And, I agree they can be paired up with so many different outfits. Can’t wait to see them with a outfit. 🙂

I know!! thankies!! hehehe. *sooo excited!*

OW EM GEE ANG CANSA LANG NITO TEH!!! [yes, mej bakla ako magsalita today :|]

ruthie!!!!! aba aba aba! Bading ka na!!! Coming out na ba ito? ahahaha!! Joke lang! Cuteness talaga noh?? hay!

You’ve been MIA for a while now. Are you okay?

Hey!! Thanks for the concern. I got sick and took awhile to get me back into shape because I was working. So whenever I had the chance to just rest I did. Hence, no photoshoots. haha. Am ok now. 🙂

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