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Layers during Summer?

Posted on: April 15, 2009

I know. I know. It is soooo hot! So, layering is out of the question! But, I still found this outfit cool enough for summer and okay enough for work. Hehe. (Work, because we can wear whatever here! Weee!)

Layered and backless. In concept, contradictory. In execution, it’s a fusion.

Oh, and I love this necklace!!

Top: Tube top, Flea Market | Vest, Greenhills

Bottom: Black Skinny Jeans, Flea Market

Necklace: Blue Gems, gift


4 Responses to "Layers during Summer?"

o ayan, nagcomment na ko! 🙂 hahah! the necklace looks FAB on you dear 🙂

hey Kia!!!! yay!!! yeah, it does! the person who bought it kasi has good EXCELLENT taste eh! *wink wink*

The whole outfit is really cute, and the necklace is to die for 🙂 Layering is fine during the summer if it looks gorgeous, so, your outfit is completely acceptable, Lol.

Hahahaha! Anything is acceptable as long as it IS gorgeous! LOL!

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